Wednesday 4 October 2017

The Fanny-Fashion Reusable Refresh

Fanny loves the Autumn - golden leaves, the brisk air and that glorious back to school feeling when you buy loads of new stationery with sharp pencils, pens that aren't yet splodgy and beautifully untouched notebooks that haven't been defaced with doodles or the words 'I'm bored' scrawled over and over again in long meetings with the Marketing team (just Fanny?).  It's out with the old and in with the new and the fresh and the crisp and the clean.

Fashion loves the Autumn too, and Fanny has a really soft spot for a shiny Autumn/Winter edit. So long to frivolous and wafty summer boho numbers, and hello to tidy lines, a bit of structure and grown up glamour.  Time, Fanny thinks, for a capsule wardrobe - a carefully cultivated collection of classics.  The staples that will see you through.  In reality, of course, Fanny just throws on whatever she can do up and doesn't smell too wrong, but every year Fanny feels a surge of commitment to the capsule aspiration nevertheless.

Alongside her outerwear Fanny does like to extend her enthusiasm for a nicely pared down wardrobe to her fanny-fashion.   After all, what is reusable period wear if not a capsule wardrobe for your vagina? Disposable pads and tampons are essentially the sole-use Primark items standing in the way of you and wardrobe zen.  Luckily, Fanny has put together the key pieces your bajingo needs right now.  Enjoy!

Thinx Cotton Brief $34
Period Pants  

A quality period pant is like a luxe trench-coat for your down-belows.  Fanny wears Thinx in the Cotton Brief style.  These bad boys are nicely structured with excellent coverage so your butt doesn't hang out the back (hooray for Fanny's well-contained butt!), and will keep you nice and dry, holding up to two tampons worth of blood.  Behold the power of science and style combined. Wear alone on lighter flow days, or team with pads, liners or tampons for extra protection. No wardrobe should be without.

'Cos I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - free bleedin'! La la la, dunno the rest.

Homestead Emporium Bamboo Velour
Reusable Pads

For those chilly days and bloody nights, a reusable pad with a fluffy topping is really a delight. Fabulously absorbent, and utterly snuggly, these pads will give your vag the TLC you need. Like a cashmere jumper for your coochie. Fanny favours Homestead Emporium for absorbency, softness and ease on the eye.

Fluffy top too sweaty for your vag? Try a delightful cotton top in a cool print. Go for bold florals or polka dots to be totally Autumn/Winter 2017 (Fanny has this on good authority from reliable sources such as Google). Silly Panda has a gorgeous range of beautifully made designs for the classy cooter.

Menstrual Cup
Ruby Menstrual Cup
Fanny thinks of her menstrual cup as an extremely versatile jumpsuit.  A one-time purchase wonder that you can wear every day - dress it up or down. As fictional man off Bridget Jones, Jaundiced Julian, was wont to say - "it's what I like to call an all rounder. Something you can wear with anything, to any occasion." A hard working wardrobe item that will free you up to skip joyfully through the fields, wearing white trousers without fear of leakage . And just like a jumpsuit, you'll only really notice you're wearing anything out of the ordinary when you pop to the loo and wrestle with it for a bit. A small price to pay, Fanny feels, for fanny-fashion fabulousness.  And when you buy a Ruby cup another cup is donated to a girl in need.

Organic Cotton Tampons

The stiletto of your collection - for special occasions. Disposable yes, but reserved for when your period hits as you're trying to shoehorn yourself into an overly snug cocktail dress for a wedding, you've got VPL, bloat, a mild hair crisis and a stupidly small evening bag (and no pockets - because the fashion gods are patriarchal bastards), and you literally can't cope with anything else!

And that's it! Join the vagina capsule-club!  Fanny will be back with more highly useful minge attire tips very soon.

Fanny, over and out.

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