Why Reusables?


First and foremost Fanny likes to have a fashionable vagina.  Reusable pads, for example, come in the widest range of sublime styles, from pretty polka dots to psychedelic rave designs. This is pleasing to Fanny who needs a little cheering on an otherwise grouchy period day. They're also ridiculously comfortable, making them both perky and practical. For Fanny this is the holy grail of shopping.


Secondly, the world of disposable period wear is a man's world. Most of the CEOs making disposables are men - advising us that we need their products whilst making pots of money from our vaginas.  And, historically, disposable makers haven't been very upfront about what's in them. By contrast, reusables are more often made by fannies for fannies with not a drop of pretend blue blood in sight.  We are taking control of our downbelow-destiny and Fanny is all fired all up for the period product revolution.  Fannies doing it for themselves!


And lastly  - disposables cost tens of thousands of pounds in our lifetime.  This needs no explanation - it's a no brainer.  Time to get mad and fanny on.

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